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Frameless Glass Partitions

Why use Frameless Glass Partitions?

Frameless glass partitions offer an impressive and unique design compared to traditional walls and barriers. The term frameless simply means that there are no borders to interrupt visual cleanliness. The glass edges are polished for a smooth finish. US Glass specializes in custom made frameless glass partitions. Our glass wall systems provide maximum transparency, creating a feeling of vastness and warm welcome. You’d be adding value to your property in many ways.

Frameless glass partitions are popularly used now to transform any given space. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but functional. Glass partitions are high-quality, non load-bearing panes of glass that function as room dividers. They can be used for business and residential purposes, indoor and outdoor fixtures.


We offer designs that bring the advantages of glass to the workplace and can make the best use of every inch of office space.

Regardless of the intended use, we recommend glass partitions as a cost-effective way to incorporate a strong barrier without restricting light, maintaining lines of sight and sound reduction. The environment feels more spacious and looks fantastic!

You will maximize on these unbeatable features when you choose frameless glass partitions:

Quality material

Constructed from high-quality material, we provide tempered or laminated glass. The treated glass we use is intense and edges are leveled to ensure safety. Frameless glass wall partitions are made from a sheet of glass attached to the top and bottom of aluminum horizontal rails. These are ecofriendly glass walls that last very long with minimal maintenance.


Frameless glass presents a modern and elegant finish. The use of glass allows for the distribution of natural light and division of space while still allowing interaction.


Frameless glass partitions are fully demountable and include a wide variety of fittings and fixtures: be it a door frame, deflection head or reducer post. Glass is easy to install or move, depending on the needs of the project. Think of it as a relocatable room divider since there may be times when you need to change your layout. You won’t have the hassle and cost that traditional wall barriers can bear when changes need to be done.

Professional Look

The value of office design is growing. The glass partitions are bonded together using virtually invisible joints or silicone joints to offer the most seamless finish possible. Therefore frameless glass partitions in an office eliminate unsightly junctions and vertical posts seen in other forms of partitions.


The glass wall systems that we offer give you flexibility of choice and design. The materials used are sleek but rugged. Future changes can be made while keeping cost low and adapting to our constantly evolving business needs. We offer minimalistic designs and configurations so you can select the system that best matches your venture. Think efficiency and space saving!


 Frameless glass partitions provide the transparency that you need to maintain communication and productivity at the workplace. The natural daylighting also boosts employee health, focus and morale.

We provide that expensive look without the exorbitant price, we cater to suit your budget.

What should I choose?

With the present advances in innovation, there are several options that US Glass can offer.  We specialize in the design, fabrication, & installation of frameless glass partition walls, frameless shower doors, glass & mirrors.

Select the type of design that you require for your project:

You have the option of a steel-framed or frameless panel, the choice between a full height or half height partition. There is also a choice of single, double or triple glazed partitions, depending on your specifications. Frosted, tinted, colored or printed glass, all styles are available.

Consult with us for further guidance.

Don’t wait any longer. You can clearly see that this option is right for you because we can tailor to your needs. It’s classy, durable and we can assure you that it’s affordably priced.

Our process is quite simple, use our contact form to send us your project requirements and get a free quotation!

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