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About US

Glass Partition Wall Systems

Here at {US Glass} Glass Partition, we operate as a family and community-centered business. With our years of experience in the Glass service industry, we are known for our innovation and flexibility. We offer the best options in Glass Partition Wall Systems for commercial or residential projects. Our glass services include glassless and sliding glass walls, storefront glass, frameless glass fences, glass railings and more.

We are proud of the recognition of excellent service we consistently receive from our clients. We have been working with contractors, engineers, architects, interior designers, remodelers and homeowners on large and small projects all over New Jersey and New York.

We do all our cutting, manufacturing and polishing internally, saving you time and money, allowing us to pass these savings on to you. All our service technicians are tied employees, not subcontractors. Our team is close-knit, friendly and reliable and we enjoy what we do.

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