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Glass Partitions Wall

We offer custom glass partition walls, designed and installed to suit exactly what you need. We can advise you of the most beneficial ways to utilize their function for commercial and domestic areas. We aim to suit all budget requirements, from low-cost solutions to high-end specifications. US Glass is also committed to preserving the environment by incorporating eco-friendly components. We specialize in creating or reforming your space to a satisfying outcome with our glass partition walls systems.


Why choose glass partition walls for your business or personal needs?

You may have realized by now that many companies are utilizing the most innovative systems in the design of their commercial space. After all, the office is the face of the business and first impressions count! Glass partition walls create a bright, modern feel and instantly attract visitors or potential customers. There are many reasons why glass walls are the choice for you and they look fantastic!

Glass partition wall systems are a great way of demarcating spaces with substantial benefits:

  • Improved productivity

For your business: Not only will your external customers be drawn to a fresh, clean, professional atmosphere, employees will also benefit from the transparency and openness of glass walls in the workplace that help to foster employee communication. Maintained lines of sight encourage employee accountability, employees tend to perform in a more diligent manner. The openness and presence of natural light make for happier and more motivated employees.

  • Cost effective and durable

Glass provides a modern, expensive look but construction does not have to be stressful and expensive. When using recycled glass as part of the construction process, you’re able to reduce building or remodeling costs as recycled materials often cost 50% less than new products. Glass partition wall systems can last very long with proper care and maintenance. A window cleaning solution and micro-fiber cloth can be used for quick cleaning.


  • Flexibility

Change is inevitable. Installing glass partition walls offers the flexibility of moving it from one place to another without the high cost that making changes with traditional wall structures can carry. This is great when you need to add a segment or create extra space. It’s a major financial gain.

  • Natural Lighting

Clear glass panels allow an influx of sunlight, creating the illusion of bright, open space. Sunshine carries major health benefits. It boosts serotonin levels which can improve concentration and activity levels. Added vitamin D from natural sunlight boosts the immune system. The filter of sunlight also reduces the use of artificial lighting, resulting in lower energy bills. Reducing electricity bills are indeed another cost-effective solution, and who wouldn’t go for an extra opportunity to save money?

  • Sound reduction

Does the office get too noisy at times? It’s one of the major reasons that glass partition systems are selected.  Contrary to popular belief glass panels can indeed provide an effective sound barrier. You can enjoy increased communication and still allow for privacy and a more focused environment. If you want the sound reduction but also need more privacy, you have the option of a frosted treatment with the same open plan feel with just as much natural light as any other type of glass, without compromising your privacy.

Glass partition wall systems come in a range of styles so that you can bring your vision to reality for your office or personal space. If you have specific design requirements, glass panels can be tailored to suit you and integrate beautifully with a custom-made unique design. Give your building a stylish makeover with architectural glass partition wall systems. Our high-quality products are environmentally conscious and built for longevity.

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